Maximus Event Security Company A world class security protection service based in Lagos Nigeria, we are tailored to meet our client’s security demand. We have a good working relationship with other security agency to make effective security that is holistic

At M E.S.C we realize that each individual or corporate company requires a unique service when it comes to security so we construct a high grade premium service specialized for each client

We tailor our service to your needs whether you need a body guard, high profile guard at your function or a stealthy guard and/or protocol officers at your ceremony/function.

We will listen to your requirements and design the best possible service that will exceed your expectations.

"At Maximus Event Security, our clients’ needs are absolute and we work against all odds to ensure that they are satisfied. We understand the importance of a secure environment and we aim to provide it. To us integrity is a huge part of the job and we let our reputation speak for us, this is why we take pride in the number of repeat business we get from clients, this is a testament to us of our success."