Maximus Event Security Company offers a range of event security management services that are tailored towards the business and/or operational needs of our clients. Thus, we provide security and protective services during special events such as: wedding, birthday reception, musical concerts, annual general meetings, corporate functions, sporting events etc...

Prior to any special event, our event security management consultants will conduct both customized and comprehensive security surveys and/or risk assessment  of proposed venue and/or of the host city in order to determine the level of security measures that would be required with respect to access control, crowd control, executive protection, emergency contingency planning etc. In addition, the nature and categories of personnel to be deployed during special events is subject to the risk profile of the venue, the event itself and of the host city.

Executive Protection Services

At MESC, we offer a range of comprehensive and customized executive protection services that are designed to suit the needs of our clients. In addition, our executive protection teams are highly trained and are knowledgeable  in  personnel security procedures, threat/risk assessment, VIP protection, police liaison, wireless radio communications, first aid and medical evacuation procedures, emergency planning and crisis management.
Our executive protection team includes bodyguards, companions, close protection officers etc., and they are equipped with the necessary operational tools including body armour.

Provision of Static Guard at Event Centre

We provide static guard to event centre as a commitment to further provide wholesome protection for event and after leaving the centre. We are continuous striving for maximum security protection before, during and after events.

Supply of Security and Safety Equipment

Maximus Event Security Company has technical consultants and physical security specialists that are tasked to provide customized services to our clients. Consequent upon the request of our clients, we recommend and supply a range of cost-effective security and safety equipment, and these include body armors, stunt guns, CCTV cameras, turnstiles and other electronic devices.

Provision of Static Armed Guards & Law Enforcement Personnel

We have a good working relationship with the Nigerian Police and other relevant law enforcement agencies. At the request of our clients, we provide armed policemen for static and/or protective duties. We also make provision for support services from Lagos State Transport Management Authority (LASTMA), Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) on behalf of our clients when necessary.

Provision of K-9 Services

We also provide K-9 services (security dogs and handlers) at the request of our clients and/or as part of security measures needed to compliment other security and/or protective efforts.